Wednesday, August 8, 2018

For Those Who Dream of Autumn

-For Those Who Dream of Autumn 

As the days move toward the end of August, there is a certain lust for September's air. The Summer will come to a close. The heat of Summer can be a prison, and the changes in Autumn's leaves and the overwhelming smell of pumpkin can be a gift. Autumn is a comfort, and as the leaves fall one can only meditate on the value of these months until the late sunrises of Winter shall come.

Sometimes it's enjoyable to dream about the older times; the days when a harvest was the key to the community and to most of civilization. As the fruit falls from the tree, and the pumpkins grow in the patch, the celebration of nature's cadeaux was once a miracle, and let us do our best not to take it for granted.

The warmth of hot apple cider with a touch of cinnamon. The smell of apples baking in the oven and roasting pumpkin seeds. The orange, red, yellow and light brown fill the trees, but it is always overjoying to find a fall tree decked out in all red leaves. As the leaves fall to the Earth they spread their scent like aroma therapy. The morning air in October is crisp and inviting. Walking outside is welcome at any time of day. The dawn rises not too early and not too late.

In our older times, they entertained the notion that at the end of October the spirits would run through the air at night, and as November came in all of them would is easy to see why as the bright colors of Autumn fill the trees. The nights begin to turn cold, and once November has arrived, the scent of Autumn has left the air, and Winter is on the mind of us all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

One Night in Mid-Summer: A Poem

One Night in Mid-Summer: A Poem

The rain came once, and the air was fresh.
The night began to fall, and he didn't want to leave the park.
The winds began to blow.
But they were the warm winds of Summer, and...
He felt them like nature's kiss.
Or perhaps a Christmas in July Present for the Early morning.
It was a chance to enjoy a single moment in the mid-Summer heat.
It was a chance to contemplate about the next ice cream treat.
The days turn into one, and the Summer becomes a blur.
No sound. No Sight. No Motion.
Yet he would give anything to be that ship upon the ocean.
Oh, how the desires have changed.
Each day, there is one less thing to want,
and Each day there is one less thing to need.
Moving onward from the mid-Summer heat,
One Day he will walk the Forest Floor in his elder years.
One Day he will gaze upon the sunlight peeking through the canopy.
The worms and the insects will roam the floor.
The sound of birds hidden behind the branches and leaves...
Will become a daily exercise.
At that moment, the elder years will come to an end.
Why does one wait until eternity?
For what does one have to wait for?
Why doesn't the cold hand of the old tyrant reach down and take us now?
The process of turning old and cold has nothing bold.
There is no glory in one's decay,
and there is no joy in one's demise.
It is now time to forge a duty. To create and to disperse.
To share a message with the world.
One must believe.
One must work.
If faith without works is dead, so where does one choose to live?
How does one make the forest feel far?
How does one find meaning in each footstep toward the city?
Every meal should be honored.
Every rainstorm with clothing should be treasured.
For there are those who lack even the most essential.
There are those who never even smile when they feel the rain.
Life is about sharing. Life is about generosity.
Yet intentions only take us so far.
Kind feelings and warm emotions are strong,
But they are not strong enough to cure the hungry.
There comes a point.
There comes a line.
One must create solutions.
If a problem exists, it is only waiting for its solution.
If a problem persists, try looking at in the other way.
Thanks to Gottfried Leibniz and James and the Giant Peach.
Let us learn to love outer space and have no fear of rhinos.

The clouds roll onward.
The summer sky has turned to darkness.
The heat swells across the landscapes.
Even in the dark of night, there is not a single cooling moment.
Passion and excitement fill one for three more months.
Come winter, we all know we won't leave the house.
We spend the summers dreaming and the winters waiting.
Where is the solution?
Where is the answer to all the problems?
One will only know if the equation is balanced.
One will only know if the horizon is the ending point.
It is not enough to try.
It is not enough to walk toward the horizon.
Sometimes one must run.
Sometimes one must change the perspective.
Sometimes one must extrapolate the knowledge from
A lifetime of school classrooms.
Sometimes must divest
The knowledge of yesteryear.
Sometimes one must learn to walk and run with no fear.

The winds rage onward.
The storm comes inward.
The dark clouds block the moonlight.
The stars were long taken from us for the time.
The summer night has its beauty.
The summer night has its imperfections.
Yet with each passing day,
There is one less chance for success and glory.
There is one less chance for aid and comfort.
There is one less chance to help.
Thousands leave the Earth each day from starvation.
Every time one blinks a person somewhere on Earth passes.
The present is before us, and one does not have time to hesitate.
When the dawn rises, let us go.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Invitation to Dreamland.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "dreams" ? Perhaps, there is an image with a dark blue or even purple background. On the background there are many stars symbolizing the night. Maybe you can see yourself dancing among the stars. Then, you can take a rest on the moon and use it as a banana chair.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Walk on the stars.
Sit on the moon.

In our world, the moon and the stars are far apart, but in the dreamworld they are like other sides of the pond.

Dreams do not have limits, nor are they only at night. If dreams have no limits, they can reach an infinite point. Even if you cannot count to infinity, it is still moving onward in dreamland.

Dreams of the night or daydreams both lead us toward higher standards in life. They bring us closer to both our imagination and self-reflection. There are those who try to dig deeply into what our dreams mean, but before one interprets the significance of seeing a certain object while we sleep...let us first marvel at its beauty.

Where would the world be without dreams? Would we toil away each day and then drop into the darkness of night without seeing anything? Would we spend each waking hour without a concern for the future or even reflecting on how the past could be?

A world without dreams is bleak and bland.

Close your eyes once more when you conclude this short note.
This time there is no purple or blue. There are no stars or moon. There is only the chance for you to create your world. What do you see on your own infinite landscape?

What color are the surroundings? What magic shall be created? Who is there for you to love?
The power that is within your dream is greater than anything in the material world.

In a dream, creativity turns to magic, and all the wizardry you can muster is within your grasp.
Create. Compose. Compile. Exert. Extrapolate, and explore. Let the colors fly. Bend the boundaries and the fundamentals of the universe. Challenge the laws of physics and the course of nature, for you are the creator, and for a single moment every have powers.

See you in Dreamland.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hong Kong Basic Law: Raise Awareness

Article 158 of the Hong Kong Basic Law reminds us that the law can be interpreted by a standing committee. The heart of the issue surrounding promotion of the Hong Kong Basic Law should rest in the fact laws are not only words written on a document, but they are ideas that are subject to human interpretation.

1) The first step to the promotion is to the promotion of the Basic Law is to educate the entirety of the Hong Kong youth on the need for raising international awareness.

When a person interprets the law, it can be subject to outside influence. This is the entire reason why so many groups and activists devote their time to raising awareness for causes. They want to use their energy to try and influence the political, legal, or social situation and make a specific change. Some international case examples of this are Martin Luther King Jr. and the American Civil Rights Movement and Mahatma Gandhi and the overthrow of the British Government. Raising awareness is critical to positive changes in the social and legal settings.

This does not require any additional resources, and it does not require any curriculum change.

When discussing how to make political, social, and legal changes in the world. Someone once challenged by saying "I'll believe it when I see it," or to paraphrase, "how do you guarantee that this plan will work?" The response to such criticisms (and justifiable criticisms they are) is to demonstrate methodologies in the past and present that have achieved success at promoting ideas and changing the political and social climate.

2)  Applying the method of Haim Saban to the Youth of Hong Kong.

There are two previously mentioned movements from Martin Luther King and Mohandis Gandhi, but let's look at a strategy put forth by Israeli-American political activist, Haim Saban.
To create political and social change, Saban employs a three-step action plan:
1. Contribute to Political Campaigns
2. Establish Political Think Tanks
3. Obtaining Control of Media Networks

How to apply this method to the promotion of Hong Kong Basic Law?
1. Educate the Hong Kong youth on the benefits of promoting the Hong Kong Basic Law to the International community. (The Contribution)
2. Allow for students to share ideas freely in the classroom related to politics, social causes, and of course legal awareness and understanding. (Think Tanking)
3. Encourage the Hong Kong residents to share content via social media, the internet, and local news (i.e. contact local radio and tv stations). (Media Networking)
There are millions of people in Hong Kong. They must become the force by which awareness of the Basic Law is distributed.

Oligarchs function by a mantra line:
If you control how people think, you can control everything.

The only way to resist tyranny and oligarchy is to use a movement from the ground up where individuals from all walks of life promote a cause that benefits all the the citizens of all classes, not only governing elites and not only influences from outside to Hong Kong.

The youth of Hong Kong are the future of the the HK SAR. They need to become the most active force in the promotion of the Hong Kong Basic Law. Students and Young People should become the cornerstone of the movement.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Earth is Rich

The world contains endless places where one can find envy. Other people have so much; it has hard to stop and even notice all the riches that stand at your feet. Riches come in many kinds. There are some that are in valuables: dollar bills, precious metals, gems and diamonds, and ancient works of art. Then, there are other riches such as the chance to seize an opportunity or the possibility of achieving something greater than what you currently have.

Beijing, China
In the 21st Century finances mean nothing. Money is often not even held in cash. As time moves onward even plastic is becoming less frequent. The contents of one's bank account and investment portfolio exist only as numbers on an electronic screen. Where does the richness reside?

The richness of the Earth is worth more than the all the wealth of any individual. Many would like to make a profit from the natural wonders and creations of time; however, the greatest richness of all is that the Earth is for all humans and has a home for all humans regardless of anyone's walk of life.

One of the greatest challenges for us all is how to live on the Earth without damaging it. How to eat from Earth without destroying. How to build one's home without chaos. There are many challenges that rival the magnificence of the richness of the Earth, but none shall overcome the strength and magnitude of nature's capabilities.

Humans are imperfect, and we will all leave our marks on the Earth's crust and in the atmosphere, yet the power of nature can heal any wound. If we, humans, love the Earth, can we not live without creating the wound at all?

A world where no harm comes the ground, the soil, the treelines, and the prairies. If we love the Earth, let us embrace the riches of the Earth and not bring the smallest amount of harm to the living or to the natural wonders.

A new challenge will await. We, humans, can find new ways to share all the richness. Food, clothing, and shelter for everyone. A life without harm, chaos, and destruction...but one of admiration for nature and honor for the ground on which your home was built.

The Earth is rich. No amount of wealth can ever equal the powers of nature; therefore, humanity must find a new calling. Embrace and entertain a love for the Earth, for in this love, there is something more valuable than ever. There is a chance to strive toward a dream.

Love the Earth, and we shall see the reciprocal. Love the Earth, and all of humanity will find the basic necessities of life. Let us come together in this dream. Strive toward the ideal because we have to try, and we shall not falter when it's difficult, not shall we collapse under pressure. Instead, we will unite and bond with our mutual love for the green and blue. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Your Plan for Greatness

Sometimes it feels like no one believes in you. There might be something in you heart that you wish to accomplish, but you don't tell anyone. Why not? Because in the past, when you shared things of that nature, no one believed in you. You might even have a plan for greatness, detailed or simplistic, but you don't tell anyone because it feels like no one believes in you.

Huairou, Beijing, China
The hard fact of life that all people need to accept is...if your plan is grounded in sharing peace with the world, you can succeed, and you should succeed. If your plan removes destruction and brings a benefit to humanity, you deserve all the success in the world and beyond. If anyone does not understand that, you can only move on and find those who support you on your journey to greatness.

There are many things in life that we seek...some are good for us, and some have the potential to kills us, or perhaps even worse. There is a certain value in having our viewpoints, life plans, goals, and ideas come under scrutiny and evaluation; however, that by no means excuses someone from disbelieving in you when you try to offer a plan to bring extraordinary things to the world.

There are many ways that one can go about the sharing of ideas, but first and foremost, one can always evaluate the forum in which they are choosing to present them. If we want others to take our ideas seriously, we can find the best way to convey our message to them using the same courtesy that we wish had been applied to us.

There are those who wish to benefit mankind, and there are those who choose to fall behind in a mass cloud of pessimism. The benefits of the sardonic are few, but somehow they have convinced themselves that resting in a lame state of disarray is more beneficial than trying to go out into the world and help another human being.

Where has culture gone? Why does the thought of two politicians insulting each other bring more contentment to one's life than the idea of removing contaminants from the soil?

Why do people prefer to look downward on new ideas that are designed to better the course of human life as oppose to those which remain in the same ordinary state, which lacks forms of progress?

The benefits of our security have changed us. We no longer fear for our lives on the homeland; therefore, the minds of many have forgotten that there are many on the Planet Earth...our brothers and sisters...who do not have the security that we do. Let us not forget our brethren, for we are all one humanity.

Once his life is not in danger, his concern for the rest of the world, and for any idea of greatness has become obsolete to him. You cannot let this happen to you, for the brilliance in your mind and heart is too much to sacrifice for the docile state of being.

Every human deserves the best in life. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Medicine. Education.
How all humans achieve these things is a matter of solution and practicality. The only way to achieve such things is to share ideas with the world.

You can form your plan for greatness in the world, but do not shy away when it must be presented. You will only get stronger. Find those that are willing to listen, and also find those who are willing to help you improve your thought. It begins now.

Prosperity. Honor. Progress.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

You are Powerful

In one single moment, emotions can either rage or settle. Ideas can either race or dissipate. Desire can be absolved or turn into destruction. Throughout one's life there are so many pathways that one can choose, but there are even more that one can encounter when it comes to emotions and sentiments.

In a single second, the dark feelings of depression can fall into one's heart, and a feeling of a heavy shadow can rest in place. You look around the room almost wondering if something in your environment caused it, but you know in both your heart and mind that it was the work of a sad memory that entered in an unwanted manner.

Where does one go from here? How does one take the darkness out? How does one absolve any element which can lead to destruction?

There are those who say that you are supposed to smile when you feel down...that is not enough. Soon this simple child's trick will lose its value, for the forces of depression are strong and all-encompassing. There are those who say that you are supposed to write down your feelings in a notebook. That is also not enough, for it can often force a person to dwell on the unwanted memories.

No process or method can remove feelings of sadness, anger, unhappiness, or dissatisfaction, yet the end result is not hopeless.

Be futuristic. Find something in the world that comes to mind. An accomplishment you would like to obtain. A goal you would like to achieve. A new field of study you would like to enter. A new food you would like to try. A new instrument you would like to try playing for the first time. Even in three or four lifetimes there is more to do than one person can manage.

Be passionate. Passion is not only limited to someone's creative choices, their career, their educational decisions, or favorite sports teams. Be passionate in every single moment of your life. For each interaction with the Earth is beautiful, whether it is the changes in the colors of the leaves due to the seasons or the flowing waters in the nearby brook. The world is beautiful, and it is capable of caring for you.

Be careful. When it comes to life, there are many difficult moments that one will face. It will be so much easier for you to face your demons if you have a strong network of individuals who will stand by you and support you in every aspect of your day. There are also those who do not care for your well-being, but only for their own interests, yet they remained connected to your circle. Find those who show true compassion for you, true interest in helping you when you are in need, those who listen to you when you need to speak, and those will not ask you to talk when you need to remain silent. Friendship and kindness take many forms. Be careful who enters your circle.

Be optimistic. Success is the only option for you.

There is so much in the world that will allow a person to achieve all the goals they set before them, but the first and foremost step for all of us human beings is to conquer our own demons and accept all of the challenges of life with an open heart.

Stand tall in the face of sadness and unhappiness and laugh, for those attributes are weak, and you are strong. No matter who you are, you are strong. You hold the most powerful brain of any species to ever walk the Earth. You hold the gateway to creativity inside of you. You hold the keys of achieving any goal of success known to man.

Decide what  you choose to seek and find a way to accomplish your goal. All the tools you require are resting inside of you. Now it's time for you to accept the challenges of the world. With the powers of optimism, loving the Earth, and seeking those who also want to bring peace to the world, you will find all the successes life could ever have to offer.

Prosperity. Honor. Progress.